The world Of Electronics Welcomes Hand Dryers

When it comes to the world of electronics, you will be amazed about what you use every day without thinking. A good example is hand dryers in public bathrooms. We use it every time we visit the bathroom, but all electronics has a history behind it. How do they work and who makes these hand dryers? There are quite a few types of dryers available on the market today.

Taking A Look At Dyson Hand Dryers

Dyson hand dryers work in just 12 seconds. Much like clear backpacks, Dyson has seen a surge in popularity. This is thanks to their innovative and market-leading technologies. You do not have to stand there for a minute waiting for your hands to get dry, twelve seconds is all it takes. Now when this is compared to the conventional warm air dryers, the Dyson dries your hand 25 seconds faster. What makes conventional hand dryers so slow are their outdated motors. Older dryers use more energy compared to the Dyson that uses 80 percent less energy, and this proves to save money on your electricity cost. These are all facts that should be considered the next time you need to replace a hand dryer in the restaurant bathroom or your bathroom at home. Older hand dryers create a warm airflow that only removes a small percentage of the water from your hands. Many people are seen in restaurants using the older dryers and then wiping their hands on either a paper towel or on their clothes. This is where Dyson hand dryers are superior as they will leave your hands 100% dry after spending just twelve seconds under the dryer.


Dealing With Bacteria

The Dyson acts like windscreen wipers and it is considered to be the fastest hand dryer available. The other fact about conventional hand dryers is that they do not filter bacteria from the air in the bathroom before drying your hands. This is unhygienic, and this is where the Dyson Airblade is superior once again. The Dyson is hygienic because it consists of the HEPA filter that eliminates 99.9 percent of the bacteria in the air that it uses to dry your hands. Dyson hand dryers are the only dryers that are certified hygienic by independent health specialists. You do not have to worry about hygiene when you use a Dyson to dry your hands.

Paper Towels vs Hand Dryers

There are many public bathrooms and restaurant bathrooms that use paper towels. The difference between paper towels and hand dryers is that paper towels generate landfill. Also, for the price of one paper towel, the Dyson dryer can dry 22 hands. This means saving money and it also means that the carbon footprint is reduced. Therefore, not only are you being more hygienic by using a Dyson dryer to dry your hands, but you are also doing your bit for our special planet.

There are many reasons that one could use to convince someone to consider installing a Dyson dryer in their bathroom. The Dyson uses a digital motor to suck in the bathroom air. The air is filtered through the HEPA filter, removing 99.9 percent of bacteria that is used in the hand drying process. The air that passes into the machine’s ducts is insulated and this helps to reduce noise. After this, air is forced through a couple of apertures and this then creates air sheets that travel at a speed of around 400mph. This means that water is literally scraped from your hands. This is more than enough reason to consider the Dyson and rather save the environment than add to its destruction.

Looking At Xlerator Hand Dryers

Xlerator hand dryers are not just super fast, they are highly effective as well. What makes this hand dryer so great and in demand is that your hands can be dripping with water, but they will dry in 10 to 15 seconds. This sounds a bit too good for words, and one could understand that, but another thing that will surprise you is that with a powerful machine like this, you would expect to use double the amount of energy than your conventional hand dryer. The truth is that when you use the Xlerator you will only be using around one-fifth of energy compared to the normal dryer. Xlerator hand dryers are not only a great alternative to the paper towels, it out performs many of the slower and the conventional dryers.

Hand dryers are more superior compared to many of the hand-drying mediums, and this is because they are:

  • Although they are electric, they are cost effective
  • They are economical
  • They are environmentally friendly

Manufacturers of the paper towel will even agree that hand dryer machines are much better. What you will also find when paying attention to people in restaurant and public bathrooms is that many of them would prefer to use paper towels simply because the dryers take long. This is why Xlerator hand dryers were created – you will virtually spend the same time drying your hands under the dryer and using paper towels.

Drying Time

Before, dryers took between 30 and 45 seconds to dry an individual’s hands. This is too long and not many people are willing to spend this amount of time standing in front of a dryer. This is where the Xlerator is superior – in 15 seconds your hands will be dry and this is the same time you would spend drying your hands using a paper towel.

The Xlerator works 3-times faster, it uses 80 percent less energy and it is also a reliable machine and will not be a waste of money.

Power Usage

The technology that the Xlerator uses is specifically developed, and with its unique design the machine only uses 1.4KW electricity where the older machines draws anything from 2.3KW and higher. The Xlerator uses 80 percent less energy and therefore it is 80 percent cheaper to operate compared to your conventional dryer. It is also 98 percent cheaper than paper towels.

Another two professional options you have when you are looking for dryers as good as the Xlerator hand dryers is something from the Dyson or Nova range. There are some companies that you just don’t want to use at all, but then you get companies like these three that produce the best products available, and do so at affordable prices.