Automatic Gates For Your Home Makes Life Much Easier

Automatic or electric gates are used for both safety and security and are probably one of the most convenient electronic devices. There are swing gates, sliding gates and overhead gates. Some are operated by remote control. Others use keypads. Applications vary  as well. Gates with sensors are used for railroad tracks. Electrically operated gates with gate closers are often used in apartment complexes and single family homes. Some are even used as pedestrian gates. Whether for home or business, automatic electric gates give owners the safety and security they need.

Access To Public Parking

Public parking garages often use automatic electric gates. The in gate is freely accessible from the outside. The gate does not allow vehicles to exit until a fee is paid. This can be done through a payment device or by hiring someone to man a booth. Some parking lots use both methods for security reasons. Hospital parking lots often require validation for free parking. This validation is then verified with the attendant, who waives the fee.

Caution: Train Coming

Railroad crossings utilize a type of automatic electric gate. Sensors on the track signal the barriers to lower when a train is detected. Barriers are lowered to block vehicles from crossing tracks and colliding with an oncoming train. This is because trains travel quickly. It’s easy to misjudge the amount of time it will take to cross the tracks before the arrival of a train. In addition to lowering barriers, signal lights and sounds will alert vehicles to oncoming trains.


Welcome Home

Some major apartment and condominium complexes are gated communities. In order to access these buildings, a remote, combination or identification sticker is required. Guests are placed on a list for the guard at the door. This usage of a gate system gives additional security to home owners and renters. The gate is an additional barrier that must be crossed by potential criminals. It’s true that some wily thieves may gain access despite the gate. Slowing them down still provides time to alert authorities.

Privately Speaking

Gates provide a sense of security for individual homeowners as well. Protecting valuable property with insurance won’t bring it back if stolen. The most important valuables we have are friends and family. Security safeguards like gates keep loved ones out of danger. Some individuals have valuable possessions or collections to protect as well. Keep loved ones and belongings safe and secure with gates as security.

Restricted Access

Secure facilities such as military bases have used automatic electric gates for some time. Some large companies require restricted access due to the nature of their business. There may be dangerous chemicals on the premises. Heavy equipment can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Plans for weapon building or the weapons themselves may be a concern. Anytime a business, government or individual has something of value to guard, gates are a useful commodity.

Private Areas

Gates are not just for driveways. They can be used by individuals or businesses to control access to certain areas of property. Swimming pools are one such example. These dangerous areas are often gated to protect small children from drowning. A home wood shop might have dangerous equipment as well. Homeowners may value their privacy in garden or backyard areas. Electric gates keep intruders out and valuables safe.